How does a BRITA MAXTRA+ water filter work?


BRITA MAXTRA+ water filters provide an easy but highly effective way to provide you and your family with great tasting filtered water by reducing a number of impurities that exist in our tap water.

Here’s how the MAXTRA+ Filter works

The unique MicroFlow technology features a mixture of Ion Exchange Pearls and Micro Carbon Pearls, formulated especially to provide expert levels of filtration for different water conditions around the world, including Australia.

As soon as the water comes into contact with the Ion Exchange Pearls, they bind and reduce any metals such as lead and copper that may possibly be present in household pipes. In addition, they also ensure reliable protection from limescale build-up by reducing any carbonate hardness of the water (calcium and magnesium ions) in the mains water. This is particularly important for certain areas of Australia and New Zealand where hard water is present as it acts as a “water softener”.

Meanwhile, the Micro Carbon Pearls, made from the carbon in natural coconut shells, absorb and lock away substances such as chlorine and chlorine compounds that impair the taste of drinking water.

Furthermore, the MAXTRA+ filter also contains a fine Micro Mesh for reduction of rough particles and a fine cartridge grid which effectively controls the exit of fine particles.

When did you last change your filter? If you can’t remember, then it’s been too long. Click here to see how often you should replace your MAXTRA+ filter.


21 thoughts on “How does a BRITA MAXTRA+ water filter work?

  1. Bianca says:

    I currently own the fill&enjoy Style Jug Grey 2.4L. Just recently changed the filter for the first time. The indicator is now flashing red not green…

    • BRITA Water says:

      Hi Cheryl, just a couple of questions to find out more about your situation:
      – can you please advise which filter you are referring to?
      – what water source you are using?
      – can you elaborate a bit more on “black mould”?
      Alternatively, please feel free to send a picture and your contact details to our customer service via and they’ll be able to help you directly. Many thanks.

  2. BRITA Water says:

    Hi Bianca,
    You’ll need to reset the indicator after you’ve changed the filter, so push the light and hold it until it turns green (could take up to 13 secs). This should work, otherwise feel free to contact our customer service directly via so they can assist you directly. Thanks!

  3. John says:

    1. Is the Maxtra+ filter available in Australia the same as or different to either the Maxtra+ Universal or Maxtra+ Limescale Expert available in Europe?
    2. What is the flow rate per/litre for filtering with Maxtra+ filters?

  4. BRITA Water says:

    Hi John,
    Our MAXTRA+ filter is different to MAXTRA+ Universal and MAXTRA+ LImescale expert filters in Europe. Also the flow rate is 5-8 minutes per litre. Feel free to contact our customer service team directly via if you have further questions. Thanks.

  5. Jane says:

    Does Maxtra + filter out calcium and magnesium? I notice the disc filter distinctly mentions it lets calcium and magnesium through but the Maxtra + says it filters these ions OUT?? I’m trying to increase my calcium and magnesium intake and im considering purchasing the Optimax but I’m a bit confused. Thanks

    • BRITA Water says:

      Hi Jane,
      Thanks for contacting us, the MAXTRA+ Filter does reduce calcium and magnesium minerals in your water. Thanks!

  6. Graham Englund says:

    Hi we drink rainwater harvested from the roof of our home in New Zealand, but when we use our wood burner during winter our water tastes like soot. Does Maxtra + filter out soot?

    • BRITA Water says:

      Hi Graham,
      The MAXTRA+ filter has not been tested with water that contains soot, however it does remove the taste of chlorine as well as heavy metals, limescale and other sediments. Thanks.

  7. Alan says:

    I understand the Maxtra+ filter reduces metals such as lead and copper that may exist in household pipes. What percentage reduction is expected, for example is it closer to 10% or 90% reduction on average? Also does that percentage remain fairly constant for the 4 week life of the filter?

    • BRITA Water says:

      Hi Alan,
      The MAXTRA+ cartridge is tested and certified for lead reduction according to the German norm DIN 10521. This norm requires a reduction rate of at least 90% during the whole lifetime of the cartridge to meet the standards.
      The BRITA Team

  8. Steve says:

    Hello, how long does the LED indicator light work before the battery should go flat? Am I supposed to buy a whole new jug or can those be purchased separately? Thanks.

    • BRITA Water says:

      Hi Steve, thank you for your query. The indicators are designed to last for approximately 5 years. If yours is flat, can you please contact our customer service team at and they will be more than happy to assist you. Hopefully this was helpful.
      Kind regards,
      The BRITA Team

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