Greener living – simple changes you can make to reduce your environmental impact

Every day in Australia, we use 10 million plastic bags, throw away 2.7 million takeaway coffee cups and waste enough bottles and cans to stretch over 4000km  – that’s the whole way across the country! Did you know that it takes up to 400 years for plastic to break down in water, and even then, […]

Introducing the most powerful filter from BRITA – MAXTRA+ Limescale

Introducing the latest advancement in-home water filtration, the MAXTRA+ Limescale filter, which removes 50% more limescale than the standard MAXTRA+ filter, whilst effectively reduces heavy metals such as Lead and Copper, chemicals such as Chlorine and other sediment. The new MAXTRA+ Limescale filter is the premium filter in the range. It is especially formulated to […]

How much water should I drink each day?


Water is a crucial factor in the formation of protein, glycogen and other large molecules but also when it comes to the most vital bodily functions including the digestive system. In fact, more than half of the human body consists of this essential nutrient and in order to survive, the body requires even more water than it is able to produce.